2022 Reading Challenges | Quarter 2 Check-in

Alright, this is the second last check-in if all is going to plan. Just this and then I was hoping to check in with the last year’s Top 5 Releases to see whether or not I’ve read any of them yet. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you want to see my previous Quarter 2 Check-ins you can see them here: 10 Bookish Goals, 2022 Most Anticipated, 22 Books in 2022, and Priority Series. Now let’s see if I’ve managed to get any further into these challenges these last few months.

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2022 Goals: Priority Series | Quarter 2 Check-in

I’m already dreading this check-in. I’m 99% sure that nothing has changed since last quarter, as far as my series are concerned. I have one I’m planning on reading this month, but I think that’s the only change (one I can’t even guarantee will happen lol). I’ve already looked at a couple of other goals from this year: 10 Bookish Goals, 2022 Most Anticipated & 22 Books in 2022.

Same break down as last time (see below in pink), but if I’ve read in in the 2nd quarter you’ll find Q2 in the square brackets too.

Same breakdown as last time: look for the update in square brackets [ ] to find out if I’ve read it or not. I’ll also include links to my review if I’ve written one OR just a star rating if I’ve read it but not reviewed.

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2022 Goals: 22 Books in 2022 | Quarter 2 Check-in

Time for the next Quarter 2 Check-in, this time to see if I’ve managed to make progress in the 22 books I HAD to read this year… to tell you the truth this and series are where I’m most nervous. If you want to know how I’m doing with other goals, you can find my Quarter 2 check-in’s so far: 10 Bookish Goals and 2022 Most Anticipated Reads. In the meantime, let’s dive back in and see if I’ve managed to read any of these just yet.

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