How I Rate Books

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I wanted to take a moment to explain my rating system to everyone. First, I use a system created by Book Roast called CAWPILE. It is a rating system she created that breaks down your rating into 7 categories (Character, Atmosphere, Writing, Plot, Intrigue, Logic, and Enjoyment). I have found it helps me really focus on what I liked about the book and provide a reasoning behind why I’ve rated the book that way – I always seem to need reasoning lol. You may not see my CAWPILE rating in my reviews, but they do help me decide my final rating of a book.

Here is the link to Book Roast’s video explaining her rating system and a link in her comments where you can get a copy of the spreadsheet she uses.

Here’s a breakdown of each rating to give you a general idea of what each rating means to me.

Rating Categories from 1-10

When I’m considering my individual score for the book this is how I view them…

0-3 = Really bad
4-6 = Mediocre
7-9 = Really Good
10 = Outstanding

1 Star

A book that receives a one star is very rare for me. It usually means I really disliked (even hated) the book. I found that I had to force myself to finish it. This could mean I was bored or I found it problematic.

To get a 1 star rating, the CAWPILE range is 1.1-2.2

2 Stars

A book that receives two stars is typically a book that I didn’t really like. I found it to be pretty underwhelming or I didn’t enjoy it. It could have been boring, but not enough to compel me to DNF it. It would be unlikely for me to continue a series if the book received a 2 star.

To get a 2 star, the CAWPILE range is 2.3-4.5.

3 Star

A 3 star book to me is a good book. I never consider a 3 star to be a bad book. A 3 star, I enjoyed, but didn’t love. I would consider it to be average (at the lowest) or really good (at the highest). I would likely continue on with a series if the first book got a 3 star.

A 3 star CAWPILE range is 4.6-6.9.

4 Stars

A four star rating is my most common rating. A four star means I loved the book! But it also means there was just a little something missing.

The CAWPILE range for a 4 star is 7-8.9.

5 Star

To get a 5 star is relatively rare – but more likely than a 1 star (if I’m being honest). This means I absolutely loved the book and you cannot tell me anything to change my mind. It is a book I will likely reread over and over. This book is near (if not) perfect.

To get a five star, the CAWPILE range is 9-10.

In my reviews, you will start to see me use half star ratings. Those ratings are still coming from CAWPILE, but I’ve found that by not having half star ratings and not including the CAWPILE rating, everything started to look like it was rated the same. I’m hoping that including half stars will help give readers a better idea of my rating, and more universal for those who don’t know what CAWPILE is.