2022 Summer TBR

Time for a little TBR update. I really haven’t been making a true TBR over the last few months. I’ve mostly put a list of random books that I may want to read that month, grab the audiobooks I need to borrow, and then pick up what I feel like – from the list or just a random one. So instead of making a TBR post like that (silly and time consuming) I figured I’d give a list of nine books that I’m hoping to read in July/August. These may be on here because of a buddy read, group read, ARC, or just feeling like I might be in the mood.

So in no real order, here are the books I’m hoping to read and a couple of reasons why.

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2022 MayTBR

Can you believe it’s already May!?!?!? It’s going to be another year where we blink and it’s gone… isn’t it? This month is Middle Grade Month over at TBR and Beyond Book Club. It’s a month long readathon where all we do is read middle grades and get points for our team (one of only 2 team based events in TBR). So needless to say, most of my books this month will be middle grade books.

Despite that, I planned on mostly mood reading those. I have a few in mind, some of which I’ll share below, but most of my must reads this month are YA/Adult buddy reads – so no help at all lol. So let’s see what I’ve picked this month.

Sorry, not sorry – I had too lol
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Orilium Spring Equinox 2022: Magical Readathon Wrap-up

I did it! I finished my first round, semester, of Orilium! I made a TBR at the begining of April and now let’s take a look at what I was able to finish! You can find out everything you need to know about Orilium and the Magical Readathon – rules, prompts, etc. – you can find it on G’s Magical Readathon: Orillium Spring Equinox 2022 Announcement video.

I think I did really well this round, with Eevilia being able to complete all her classes with ease. Spring Equinox Semester!

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Orilium Spring Equinox 2022: Magical Readathon TBR

I had participated in the previous Orilium Readathons that G from Book Roast created, well in a very relaxed way. I had meant to participate at the time they were running to create my character, I ended up not being able to do that. So to “participate” and create my character, I went with whatever I read prior to April 1st, 2022 – the start of Orilium Spring Equinox 2022 Magical Readathon.

To find out everything you need to know about Orilium and the Magical Readathon – rules, prompts, etc. – you can find it on G’s Magical Readathon: Orillium Spring Equinox 2022 Announcement video.

Let me officially introduce you to my character. Eevilia, Fire Earthling is a Wildling from Irtheria. She has a magical trident (think Sailor Pluto’s Trident) and cat familiar by her side. She is attending Orilium with a calling of Master of Elements.

So that all cover, let’s go over the prompts and the books I picked for the Master of Elements Spring Equinox Semester!

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2022 April TBR

Well I missed March’s TBR completely, but I’m back with a new TBR.

Once again, I’m not sure what I’m wanting to read – really it’s the reason I missed March. I do have a couple of buddy reads this month and I’ve got a couple of group reads I’d like to join. Other than that I’ll likely just end up picking up what I’m in the mood for.

So without further adieu, here are the books I’m hoping to get to this month.

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2022 February TBR

January was a decent reading month, but I didn’t stick with my TBR at all! It was a really stressful month and I was finding I wasn’t wanting to read when I had fantasies on the list. Still near the end of the month and I’m still feeling similar. Luckily, I was planning on reading a bunch of romances this month! Mostly, I’m thinking I’ll just read the buddy reads and then pick up what I’m feeling in the moment. So without further adieu, here are the buddy reads I plan on reading in February.

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2021 October Wrap Up – Tops & Bottoms

Welcome to October’s Tops & Bottoms. This came about after realizing that I was getting overwhelmed with the number of books I was reading in a month, but still wanted to do some type of wrap up. I then decided to follow in Lianne (Literary Diversions) footsteps and talk about my two top and two bottom books of the month. This way I can talk about books that I really want to focus on and spread the word about. Every now and then I might put in an honourable mention, but other than that a lot more manageable!

October was an interesting month – apparently I decided to forego entering my books into my tracker – only Goodreads – so half my stats are non-existent – hence the barebones of it all. But I didn’t want to skip another month. I have some great books I want to talk about.

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2021 October TBR

So September didn’t go exactly as planned (watch out for my Tops & Bottoms Wrap up). But that is behind us now! Time for October’s TBR and you know what that means – ALL THE SPOOKY BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in such a mood for all the spooky books (horrors, thrillers, mysteries) which you’ll be able to tell quickly when you see my TBR. Well, I’m sure that’s enough rambling for now – let’s look at the books on my TBR for October.

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2021 August Wrap Up – Tops & Bottoms

I’ve missed a few of these, even before my hiatus. I think it was becoming too much to review every single book – especially since I’ve been reading between 17 and 26 books a month since February.

We’ll start out with the stats (❤️) then I’ll explain what I’ve planned for the rest of my Wrap ups going forward.

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