Book Tour: Sisterhood of Sleuths by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman | Author Interview

Welcome to my stop on the TBR and Beyond Tours Book Tour for Sisterhood of Sleuths by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. I’ve been all over all things amateur sleuth, so I can’t help but gravitate towards this book! I was lucky enough to get an interview with Jennifer, which you can find after the book info. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the tour schedule for other content creators.

Thank you to Jennifer Chambliss Bertman for taking the time to answer my questions!

Meet Author

Jennifer Chambliss Bertman is the New York Times bestselling author of the Book Scavenger series and Sisterhood of Sleuths, forthcoming in Fall 2022. Book Scavenger was an Indie Next Top Ten pick, an Amazon Book of the Year, a Bank Street College Book of the Year, an NCTE Notable Book, and has been nominated for over twenty state award and honor lists, among other accolades. The series is being translated into more than a dozen languages. Jennifer’s debut picture book, A Good Deed Can Grow, illustrated by Holly Hatam, will be published in 2023. She holds an MFA in creative writing and has worked in a variety of roles with children and in publishing. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Jennifer now lives in Colorado with her family.

About The Book

Title: Sisterhood of Sleuths
Author: Jennifer Chambliss Bertman
Publisher: Christy Ottaviano Books
Publishing Date: October 4th, 2022
Page Length: 336
Genre: Mystery
Age Range: Middle Grade

Maizy always assumed she knew everything about her grandmother, Jacuzzi.  So when a box full of vintage Nancy Drew books gets left at her mom’s thrift store, Maizy is surprised to find an old photo of her grandmother and two other women tucked beneath the collection. Stranger still, when Maizy shows the photo to Jacuzzi she feigns ignorance, insisting the woman is someone else. Determined to learn the truth — and inspired by the legacy of Nancy Drew — Maizy launches her own investigation with the help of new friends, Nell and Cam. What they discover not only points to the origins of the iconic series, but uncovers a truth from the past that will lead to self-discovery in the present, connecting three generations of women. 

This intergenerational mystery filled with literary history, friendship, and family secrets delivers a captivating tribute to the world’s most famous girl detective. 

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Author Interview

In up to 9 words or emojis, without spoilers, what can readers expect from Sisterhood of Sleuths?


Without spoilers, can you tell us a scene you had the most fun writing?

I had a lot of fun writing many of the scenes, but one of my favorites was when Maizy, Nell, and Cam became accidental babysitters. I don’t want to say more than that, because I think it spoils some of the fun of the scene!

In Sisterhood of Sleuths, Maizy finds a box full of vintage Nancy Drew books and is inspired to investigate a family mystery just like Nancy Drew.  Does Maizy have a favourite Nancy Drew novel?  What is your favourite Nancy Drew novel?

I’m not sure what Maizy’s favorite would be! The first one she reads is The Password to Larkspur Lane, so perhaps that’s her favorite because it was her introduction to the sleuth. Reading it also gave her a good idea for how to solving a plotting problem she has with the murder mystery screenplay she’s working on, so I think she’d appreciate it for that reason too. As for myself, there isn’t one title that stands out in my memory as a favorite. I read them mostly when I was young, and if I went back in time and asked my younger self, then I might learn what the favorite was and why, but I don’t remember now. What I do remember is being drawn to Nancy herself, how confident and capable she was, her steadfast friendships, as well as the fast-paced plots where she faced peril after peril but was always able to figure her way out, no matter what.

If you could spend the day with Maizy, Nell and Cam what would you do with each of them?  Of course I can’t forget Grandma Jacuzzi, what would the two of you enjoy doing for the day?

I think it would be lots of fun to do a movie project with Maizy, Nell, and Cam. Jacuzzi and I both love to garden, and I imagine her yard being really beautiful and calming, so I’d like to sit with her among her flowers, sip lemonade, and chat about Nancy Drew.

Were you ever inspired like Maizy to investigate something when you were a kid/tween/teen?

Once I helped find a missing will that reunited an impoverished family with the riches that were rightfully theirs and had been stolen by . . . wait, no. That was in a Nancy Drew book. Oh! There was this time I saw a plane nearly hit a pigeon, and the pigeon crash-landed at my feet, but I saved it thank goodness, and it turned out the bird had a coded message tied to its foot and uh . . . nope, sorry. That’s Nancy Drew again too. Huh.
I think I often hoped I’d find something worthy of investigating, but alas, I don’t remember any interesting mysteries cropping up in my real life.

Was there anything you learned after writing the Book Scavenger series that helped you write Sisterhood of Sleuths? Was there anything you learned from both experiences that will help your writing in the future?

I learned an incredible amount writing the Book Scavenger series. I think everything we write, whether it ends up being published or not, always informs us and helps us grow as writers. But every writing project is also always its own new experience with unique challenges. So the biggest thing I think I learned from writing the Book Scavenger series that has helped me as I wrote Sisterhood of Sleuths was to believe in myself, trust my instincts, and that I’m capable of writing great characters and stories.

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