Book Tour:  The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School by Sonora Reyes | Author Interview

Welcome to my stop on the TBR and Beyond Tours Book Tour for  The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School by Sonora Reyes. This cover popped and I was so excited to read another queer Latinx story and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this! Want to find out exactly what everyone thought? Scroll to the bottom where you can find the tour schedule and links to other content creators.

Thank you to Sonora Reyes for taking the time to answer my questions. You can find the interview after meet the author and book info.

Meet Author

Born and raised in Arizona, Sonora Reyes is the author of the forthcoming contemporary young adult novel: THE LESBIANA’S GUIDE TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL

They write fiction full of queer and Latinx characters in a variety of genres, with current projects in both kidlit and adult categories. Sonora is also the creator and host of the Twitter chat #QPOCChat, a monthly community-building chat for queer writers of color.

Sonora currently lives in Arizona in a multi-generational family home with a small pack of dogs who run the place. Outside of writing, Sonora loves dancing, singing karaoke, and playing with their baby nephew.

About The Book

Title: The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School
Author: Sonora Reyes
Publisher: Balzer & Bray
Publishing Date: May 17th, 2022
Page Length: 400
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Range: YA
Rep: First Generation Indigenous Mexican-American, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Depression
Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Yamilet Flores prefers drawing attention for her killer eyeliner, not for being the new kid at a mostly white, very rich, Catholic school. But at least here no one knows she’s gay, and Yami intends to keep it that way. After being outed by her crush and ex-best friend, she could use the fresh start.

At Slayton Catholic, Yami has new priorities: make her mom proud, keep her brother out of trouble, and most importantly, don’t fall in love. Granted, she’s never been great at any of those things, but that’s a problem for Future Yami.

The thing is, it’s hard to fake being straight when Bo, the only openly queer girl at school, is so annoyingly perfect. And smart. And talented. And cute. Either way, Yami isn’t going to make the same mistake again. If word got back to her mom, she could face a lot worse than rejection. So she’ll have to start asking, WWSGD: What would a straight girl do?

Told in a captivating voice that is by turns hilarious, vulnerable, and searingly honest, The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School explores the joys and heartaches of living your full truth out loud.

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Content Warning: racism, homophobia, immigration, and the suicidal ideation and hospitalization of a side character.


In up to 9 words or emojis, without spoilers, what can readers expect from The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School?

Sibling shenanigans, found family, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers!

Without spoilers, what scene did you have the most fun writing and why?

I had SO MUCH FUN writing the shenanigans that ensued during Yami’s birthday celebration/Valentine’s Day. I think the age old question of “I this a date?? Is this not a date??” was just so fun put Yami through.

Was Yami or Bo inspired by anyone in your life?

Bo isn’t really based on anyone, just the imaginary girl of my teenage self’s dreams lol. And while Yami is not based on me specifically—we are actually very different—I did give her some of my own experiences, which really helped me process some stuff I didn’t even realized I needed to process. It was extremely cathartic!

Popular Question: If you could spend the day with Yami and Bo what would you do with each of them?

I would go ice blocking with them! For anyone who doesn’t know, ice blocking is the desert version of sledding, where you take a big block of ice and ride it down a hill. I haven’t done it since high school, but since Bo’s family loves it, I would totally join Yami and Bo for an ice blocking adventure!

Can you tell us more about your Twitter chat, #QPOCChat.

Of course! It’s a community building chat on Twitter that I host on the last Thursday of every month for queer and trans BIPOC writers and authors to get together and talk about our projects!

Do you have any advise for queer or Latinx inspiring authors?

Be gentle with yourself. Take breaks when you need them. Listen to your body when it tells you to rest. Trying to break into this industry can take a huge toll, and it’s so essential to remember that your health is the most important thing!

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