2022 Goals: Priority Series | Quarter 1 Check-in

Time for round three of these check-ins. It’s 1 for 1 right now of me being on track. Any bets for how I’m doing for prioritizing series? You can see how I did on my 22 books of 2022 and 10 Bookish goals on their blog posts a few days earlier. Same as with 22 Books, I’ll let you know if I’ve read it or not in square brackets [ ] along with a rating and link if I have those. But without further adieu, let’s see how many I’ve read.

Series to Start

Shatter Me Series [not started]

Girls of Paper and Fire [finished all 3! 4.75, 4.5, and 5⭐]

The Reader Trilogy [not started]

Ash Princess Trilogy [not started]

Red Rising Saga [not started]

Series to Finish

The Lunar Chronicles [badically finished all! 4.25, 4, and 4.5⭐ Winter will be done before the end of the month]

Pretty Little Liars Series [caught up on my re-reads (all 3.5⭐); will pick up Unbelievable likely in July]

House of Night Series [need to start my reread]

The Overthrow Series [need to start my reread]

Throne of Glass Series [need to start my reread – this is planned for July I think]

Well that’s 2 I’ve managed to prioritize and finish. It’s likely I wont get to most of these until July at the earliest since none are middle grade (spoilers mg is my focus for May) and none are queer (that I know of that I still need to get to, which is June’s focus). August I’ll likely get distracted again because I want to focus on ARCs that month and I never received one for any of these. I’m kind of kicking myself for picking such large series.

But I’m trying to stay positive and I’ll try even harder to actually prioritize these ones over the coming months.

How are you doing in your series goals? Do you have any? If not what books do you want to prioritize?

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