10 Bookish Goals for 2022: Quarter 1 Check-in

Can you believe April is almost already over!?!? I had hoped to post these earlier in the month, but everything just got away from me. I’ll also admit, I’m a bit nervous to check in to see how I’m doing. I was doing great in January, making sure I covered all my goals, read the books I put on lists (those check-ins are coming soon too). But as the months went on, I haven’t been prioritizing them as much as I had hoped.

But without further adieu, let’s see how I’m doing so far in my 2022 Bookish Goals.

Goal 1: Goodreads/StoryGraph Reading Goal

This one is fairly simple: I want to read 150 books by the end of the year.

I’m really happy with my progress in this goal – 13 books ahead and 2,888 pages ahead of my goal This was the first time I’ve made a page goal and all I did was (I think) randomly picked a thousand pages a week lol. Really, I’m hoping this year will give me a base number to go off of next year.

Goal 2: Use StoryGraph to track reading stats

I love the graphs that StoryGraph has so I want to use it specifically for tracking what I’ve read. I also want to use the challenges in it: Buzzword and Little Inkling Year Long Readathons.

I’ve been using StoryGraph regularly to track the books I’ve read, but I’ve fallen behind on tracking my reading challenges. I did an update back in February, but nothing since. I plan on updating it again once the semester is over, so next week!

Goal 3: Track Instagram Numbers

Last year I really focused on my Instagram account and I would have loved to see the growth, but I never thought of tracking it when I was just starting – never thought of this until year wrap-ups started.

Oh wow…. ok well I know the number has been going up. I’m really hoping I’m able to figure out my stats backwards either through the app or somehow because I just kept forgetting to track when I should have lol. I’ll probably start doing some research next week, but if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments.

For those of you who are curious, I’m at 2,579 when I’m writing this and I believe I was closer to 2,300 when I started the year.

Goal 4: Improve Netgalley Ratio

My Netgalley Ratio is out of control! I went years with asking for everything then forgetting to read/review them so now I’m at 25% and it will take large numbers to start increasing that. Right now I’ve got a three milestone goals for this one: 30% (approx. 20 ARCs), 33% (approx. 25 ARCs), and 35% (approx. 35 ARCs).

Ok….. so hear me out… my Netgalley account was a sinking ship! I was adding Tour arcs to my account and not being able to catch up in any way. So I jumped ship and created a new account. My old account will be used for TBR and Beyond Tours and my new account will be my main one. Not that it’s any better, but it’s much more manageable: 17% but only 6 approved. I’m about 80% in my most recent ARC that will immediately bring me up to Stage 2 of my goal of 33% (see, much more manageable instead of feeling like drowning in arcs because there was honestly no way I would be able to catch up and read 25 ARCs this year.

Goal 5: Buy Less / Read from My Shelves

I’ve said this before, but I’d really like to focus on what I already own. I own way too many unread books. I’m working on getting the exact stats on this before I can be specific, but I would like to have my TBR be mostly books I already own – 65% sounds like a realistic number considering the number of ARCs I’m hoping to get to. Hopefully I can give better breakdown numbers by April.

Thanks past Heather! Leaving me to figure out the details…… dang it

Well I’ve bought less physical books over the last few months. I don’t have an exact number but I’ve only made 1 large order from Book Outlet, a few from the thrift store (I think only 3 trips instead of my normal weekly trips and purchases).

Let me take a quick look at what I’ve read so far and how many are actually previously owned (let’s go with counting ARCs in this too)…. 47.5% Previously Owned, 13.6% ARCs (so 61.1% “From my Shelf”), New 3.4%, and 35.6% borrowed. The borrowed is mostly for TBR and Beyond Group/Buddy reads since I don’t always own them, but usually want to read them. I’m ok with borrowing less than 40% of my reading and reading 60% of my already own books.

So not exactly the 65% that I had been hoping for, but not too far out that it wont be achievable. Hopefully I can stay on track!

Goal 6: Finish 15 Series

Going with the idea of reading from my shelves, I want to finish more series this year! I’m co-hosting a group that focuses on finishing old series. We’ll read one book a month until we finish a series, then pick a new one. So at the very least I will finish whatever we pick for those, but I also want to finish more – I have a list of 10 series I want to start/finish this year that I’ll share later this month.

Again, since I’ve fallen behind on tracking this, give me a quick second to just add them up first…

I’ve finished these so far this year:

  • Girls of Paper and Fire trilogy by Natasha Ngan
  • Thousand Worlds duology by Yoon Ha Lee
  • Convenant by Jennifer L Armentrout
  • It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

I’ve caught up on these:

  • Spoiler Alert trilogy by Olivia Dade (need Book 3 now!)
  • Warward Children by Seanan McGuire
  • Crescent City by Sarah J Maas (another series I’m impatiently waiting for the next book)
  • From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L Armentrout (more!)

Four out of the hopeful 15… I’m happy with that. It’s basically on schedule with a little over 25% and we’re a little over 25% through the year!

Goal 7: Read more Subscription Box Books

I have a bunch–way too many– unread subscription box books that I really want to focus on finishing this year. I have a list of 5 books I want to make sure I read this year that I’ll share later this month.

I’ve added a new section in my Tracking Spreadsheet for Subscription Box Books (which again I need to update because I’ve gotten a few new ones since) so I’ll be way better at tracking what I’ve read. This year I’ve managed to read a whole 2 books 😒 I have one on my TBR this month and another for next month though so progress? As for the 5 on my Must Reads of 22, I’m managed 1.

Goal 8: Use my Little Inkling Planner more

I’ve bought a Little Inkling Planner this year – this will be the third one – and I want to make sure I use it more than just on the month calendar page. I’m hoping setting this time aside will be relaxing.

I’ve failed on this a little bit. I’ve abandoned tracking my daily reading and I haven’t been keeping up with printing covers for when I finish. But I have been using it to track what blog posts are going up and keeping track of what I need to do in TBR and Beyond Tours. I’m hoping to make using it more of a habit over the summer when I have a little bit of time.

Goal 9: Get to know my reading better

My hope that using StoryGraph will give me a better idea of what I like in books. I’ve done years where I throw out random genres that I want to read more, but this year I want to see where I naturally gravitate towards. I also want to take into consideration my ratings. I may read 50 YA Fantasies, but that’s only good if I’m enjoying the majority.

Honestly, I haven’t been keeping track of this. I’ve glanced at the pie chart on StoryGraph, but haven’t really looked at it. I probably wont until the midway mark or just the end of the year. I’m hoping this helps more with next year’s reading plans/goals.

Goal 10: Post Regularly and Plan Breaks

Last year I tried to post regularly, but there were some weeks where I was posting 7 days a week then randomly down to 2, then randomly back up to 5 then stop for weeks then back. It’s not what I want. I want to regularly post between 3 and 5 times a week. I’m not going to worry about days of the weeks since I have a lot of tour posts which can be any day, but I want to focus on the number. If tours force me up to 7 days (it has happened) then I want to make sure I don’t just drop off. I also know that I have a tendency to hit a breaking point at certain times of the year. I want to either plan head for those times OR take the time off and announce that. That all being said, I want it to still be fun – the other reason to include breaks.

I actually think I’ve stayed pretty close to this goal. There have been a couple weeks where I posted little or nothing, but one of those was when I was having a hard time at work and was allergic to computers lol. I’m happy with how the blog has been growing with my consistent posting and same with my Instagram account. I have to start thinking about my summer schedule because we plan to start doing some home renos and I know that’ll take up a lot of time.

So I’m a little surprised, in a good way, but I’m actually on track for the most part! I need to start prioritizing my reads a little better and picking up books I own when I’m mood reading (especially my ARCs!).

How are you doing with your goals so far this year? Let me know in the comments!

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