Review: It Will End Like This by Kyra Leigh

Title: It Will End Like This
Author: Kyra Leigh
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Release Date: January 4th, 2022
Page Length: 352
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Age Range: YA
Rating: 4⭐

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Goodreads Synopsis:

For fans of The Cheerleaders and Sadie comes a psychological thriller that reminds us that in real life, endings are rarely as neat as happily ever after. A contemporay take on the Lizzie Borden story that explores how grief can cut deep.

Charlotte lost her mother six months ago, and still no one will tell her exactly what happened the day she mysteriously died. They say her heart stopped, but Charlotte knows deep down that there’s more to the story.

The only person who gets it is Charlotte’s sister, Maddi. Maddi agrees—people’s hearts don’t just stop. There are too many questions left unanswered for the girls to move on.

But their father is moving on. With their mother’s personal assistant. And both girls are sure that she’s determined to take everything that’s theirs away for herself.

Now the only way to get their lives back is for Charlotte and Maddi to decide how this story ends, themselves.


It Will End Like This was an interesting thriller inspired by Lizzy Borden. There were two POVs, Charlotte and Maddi. I found both POVs interesting, but found myself drawn towards Charlotte’s POV more. Maddi felt more rigid and closed off, trying to take care of Charlotte and felt like she was trying to keep the piece to keep her and her sister together. On the other hand, it felt like more happened during Charlotte’s POVs. I also enjoyed getting more of Charlotte’s inner thoughts and criticisms – which was an element missing from Maddi’s POV which is what gave me the more closed off feeling. The other supporting characters were horrible towards the girls. It felt like you couldn’t trust anyone at any point other than the two girls, who could undoubtedly trust one another.

I enjoyed the over all mystery and the tension Kyra was able to get into her writing is what made this story for me. I’ve always been interested in Lizzie Borden and the inspiration here is great. I could see the common threads, but not enough to spoil the story/mystery. The twist at the end surprised me, but in such a good way. Kyra did a great job at distracting the reader, but still giving them all the information needed for the conclusion to make complete sense.

This has inspired me to want to find more Lizzie Borden inspired novels (I already have a couple) and I definitely want to read The Cheerleaders since the synopsis compared the two. I’m also going to keep an eye out for Kyra’s next horror/thriller because this quick read was exactly what I needed this month!

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