2022 February TBR

January was a decent reading month, but I didn’t stick with my TBR at all! It was a really stressful month and I was finding I wasn’t wanting to read when I had fantasies on the list. Still near the end of the month and I’m still feeling similar. Luckily, I was planning on reading a bunch of romances this month! Mostly, I’m thinking I’ll just read the buddy reads and then pick up what I’m feeling in the moment. So without further adieu, here are the buddy reads I plan on reading in February.

We’re continuing with our buddy read of Girls of Paper and Fire over at TBR and Beyond Book Club. We’ll discuss Girls of Storm and Shadow by February 20th. I’m really excited to see how this series continues. I really loved Girls of Paper and Fire – Lei and Wren are everything!

I’m joining the Swoonalong buddy read with TBR again this month. February’s is Love & Other Disasters. I’ve been loving the RomComs that are some play on reality tv (Bachelorette for example) so I’m excited to read one with a food competition.

Frozen Charlotte is one I know nothing about, but it’s the Horror buddy read with TBR. I’m excited to branch out in more horror.

I’m know I’m going to read some Jennifer L Armentrout and Sarah J Maas’s newest one, but the rest will be pick up and go.

Do you have a romance recommendation that I should pick up? Leave it in the comments.

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