Book Tour: Coming Back by Jessi Zabarsky | Review

Welcome to my stop on the TBR and Beyond Tours Book Tour for Coming Back by Jessi Zabarsky. I have high hopes for this one based on the colour scheme and artstyle of the cover! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the tour schedule for other content creators.

Thank you to Jessi Zabarsky and Random House for providing me with an ARC for this review.

Meet Author

Jessi Zabarsky lives in Chicago with her cat and forty three plants. She was raised in the woods and will one day return there. Her first graphic novel, Witchlight, was published by Random House Graphic in 2020. You can find her online at @jessizabarsky.

About The Book

Title: Coming Back
Author: Jessi Zabarsky
Publisher: Random House
Publishing Date: January 18th, 2022
Page Length: 256
Genre: Fantasy | Graphic Novel
Age Range: YA
Rating: 4.25⭐

A beautiful graphic novel fantasy romance that follows two young women who have to go on their own separate adventures to discover the truth about themselves and about each other.

Preet is magic.

Valissa is not.

Everyone in their village has magic in their bones, and Preet is the strongest of them all. Without any power of her own, how can Valissa ever be worthy of Preet’s love? When their home is attacked, Valissa has a chance to prove herself, but that means leaving Preet behind. On her own for the first time Preet breaks the village’s most sacred laws, and is rejected from the only home she’s ever known and sent into a new world.

Divided by different paths, insecurities, and distance, will Valissa and Preet be able to find their way back to each other?

A beautiful story of two young women who are so focused on proving they’re meant to be together that they end up hurting each other in the process. This gorgeous graphic novel is an LGTBQ+ romance about young love and how it can grow into something strong no matter what obstacles get in the way.

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My Thoughts

I think I read this at the perfect time in my life. I have been dealing with a lot of stress, pressure, and expectations (both from others and myself). This graphic novel let me explore my feelings of these expectations.

We follow Valissa and Preet, both together and apart as they both explore their own fears, expectations, and pressures. There was very little dialogue, but lots of expressive character expressions that allowed the emotions to come across. I think this was a great decision made by Zabarsky because it allowed the reader to feel along with the character instead of being told. I think this will allow the story to be more personal than straight out being told at every point what the character was feeling.

The art style reminded me of Tea Dragon, with its adorable characters, both humanoid and otherwise. The colour pallet was soft – similar to what you see on the cover – and reminded me of Bloom or Spinning (both graphic novels were entirely in blue (former) or purple (latter)). The backgrounds and panels tend to pick one hue for as long as that section of that story lasts – if we change locations, characters, or sometimes even feelings, then the colour may change. The atmosphere that was created by the art style and colourization choices was outstanding.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is currently stressed or feel overwhelmed with expectations (your own or others). I found myself being moved at many points and felt like my feelings were being represented in this magical story. I loved that we question these feelings and traditions. You will also love this if you loved The Tea Dragon Society, but wanted a more adult feeling.

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