2022 Goals: Priority Series

Last year I didn’t have any specific goals for the year and I didn’t really like that. Like last year I wanted to read more series – finish more series – but didn’t pick a number or even series I wanted to focus on. This year I decided to do it differently: I want to finish 15 series this year AND I’ve come up with some priority series (hence the very creative title of this post lol).

So let’s get into the nitty gritty – I’ve picked five series I want to start and five series I want to finish. This will give me 5 “mood” series binges. Like I mentioned in my 2022 Reading Goals post, I plan to check in after every quarter to see how I’m doing – and hopefully I’m further along than I am right now lol.

Series to Start

Shatter Me Series

Girls of Paper and Fire

The Reader Trilogy

Ash Princess Trilogy

Red Rising Saga

Series to Finish

The Lunar Chronicles

Pretty Little Liars Series

House of Night Series

The Overthrow Series

Throne of Glass Series

Do you have any series you want to prioritize this year? Have you read any of these series? What did you think?

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