Odds & Ends: 10 Bookish Goals for 2022

Last year I had goals, but never wrote them down so I ended up forgetting them or just having vague ideas in mind. This year, I knew I had to make a post so I can check in quarterly to make sure I actually keep it up. I anticipate that these goals will be tweeked as we check in each time too lol. So let’s get into them!

Goal 1: Goodreads/StoryGraph Reading Goal

This one is fairly simple: I want to read 150 books by the end of the year.

Goal 2: Use StoryGraph to track reading stats

I love the graphs that StoryGraph has so I want to use it specifically for tracking what I’ve read. I also want to use the challenges in it: Buzzword and Little Inkling Year Long Readathons.

I set up a StoryGraph account midyear last year – when they created the Android App – but I never used it.

Goal 3: Track Instagram Numbers

Last year I really focused on my Instagram account and I would have loved to see the growth, but I never thought of tracking it when I was just starting – never thought of this until year wrap-ups started.

Goal 4: Improve Netgalley Ratio

My Netgalley Ratio is out of control! I went years with asking for everything then forgetting to read/review them so now I’m at 25% and it will take large numbers to start increasing that. Right now I’ve got a three milestone goals for this one: 30% (approx. 20 ARCs), 33% (approx. 25 ARCs), and 35% (approx. 35 ARCs).

Goal 5: Buy Less / Read from My Shelves

I’ve said this before, but I’d really like to focus on what I already own. I own way too many unread books. I’m working on getting the exact stats on this before I can be specific, but I would like to have my TBR be mostly books I already own – 65% sounds like a realistic number considering the number of ARCs I’m hoping to get to. Hopefully I can give better breakdown numbers by April.

Goal 6: Finish 15 Series

Going with the idea of reading from my shelves, I want to finish more series this year! I’m co-hosting a group that focuses on finishing old series. We’ll read one book a month until we finish a series, then pick a new one. So at the very least I will finish whatever we pick for those, but I also want to finish more – I have a list of 10 series I want to start/finish this year that I’ll share later this month.

Goal 7: Read more Subscription Box Books

I have a bunch–way too many– unread subscription box books that I really want to focus on finishing this year. I have a list of 5 books I want to make sure I read this year that I’ll share later this month.

Goal 8: Use my Little Inkling Planner more

I’ve bought a Little Inkling Planner this year – this will be the third one – and I want to make sure I use it more than just on the month calendar page. I’m hoping setting this time aside will be relaxing.

Goal 9: Get to know my reading better

My hope that using StoryGraph will give me a better idea of what I like in books. I’ve done years where I throw out random genres that I want to read more, but this year I want to see where I naturally gravitate towards. I also want to take into consideration my ratings. I may read 50 YA Fantasies, but that’s only good if I’m enjoying the majority.

Goal 10: Post Regularly and Plan Breaks

Last year I tried to post regularly, but there were some weeks where I was posting 7 days a week then randomly down to 2, then randomly back up to 5 then stop for weeks then back. It’s not what I want. I want to regularly post between 3 and 5 times a week. I’m not going to worry about days of the weeks since I have a lot of tour posts which can be any day, but I want to focus on the number. If tours force me up to 7 days (it has happened) then I want to make sure I don’t just drop off.

I also know that I have a tendency to hit a breaking point at certain times of the year. I want to either plan head for those times OR take the time off and announce that. That all being said, I want it to still be fun – the other reason to include breaks.

Those are my 10 goals for the year. I should be posting updates in April (Quarter 1 Review), July (Quarter 2 Review), October (Quarter 3 Review) and December/January (Quarter 4 Review).

Do you set bookish goals? What goals did you set this year?

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