2021 December TBR

Last TBR of 2021! Wow! Already!

Yesterday, you saw my last anticipated books of 2021, today, it’s time to see the last books I’m hoping to read of 2021! Not much of an intro this time around – too cold with a day full of snow!

Books I Have to Read

You may have already seen the list of 20 books I wanted to read by the end of the year (End of Year Book Tag). 2021 TBR BINGO was created by Ell’s Book Nook on Instagram, so check them out for other’s updates (and you’ll see my updates in my IG Stories). Here are the ones I still have left to go – we’ll start from the top, going left to right, but only ones I still need to read.

Honest June by Tina Wells
Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley
Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

Honest June by Tina Wells is part of a Book Tour hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours, scheduled for December 27th to January 2nd. I took a quick peak inside and the illustrations look adorable! I’m really looking forward to this cute looking middle grade.

Firekeeper’s Daughter was a most anticipated for 2021 and I can’t believe I still haven’t read it (ok I can). I 100% plan on reading this in December! Hopefully before we do another check in of my Most Anticipated List of the last few years.

Once Upon a Broken Heart is set in the world of the Caraval series, following Prince of Hearts (Jack). Caraval is one of my favourite series – I really enjoyed it when I binged the series – so I’m really excited to pick this one up. I got it in my Fairyloot box so I have no excuse not to read this one.

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff
Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo
The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff is one that I should be about half-way through by the time this is posted – if I’ve stay on track with the group read lol. It’s a chunky buddy read for the month of November/December, but I’m bad for binging big books so I’ve likely put it off until later in November lol.

Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo! I can’t believe I still haven’t read this! I preordered this (within a few weeks of release, but still) and it took about 3 weeks for it to get to me between finishing King of Scars and having this in my hand – that’s the only explanation I can think of. I binged a bunch of Leigh Bardugo’s books in the middle of the year and just likely got distracted between books. Still really excited for it, but want to read it before it’s been too long and I forget what happened in previous books/series lol.

The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo was a TBR and Beyond Tours Book Tour, but I wasn’t in the mood for holiday reads in October/November. Luckily, this is now a TBR and Beyond Group Read for December, so now even more motivation to pick this holiday read up. It looks really cute and festive.

Secret Santa by Andrew Shaffer
What Kind of Girl by Alyssa B Sheinmel
A Psalm of Storms and Silence by Roseanne A Brown

Secret Santa is a shorter holiday horror set in the 80s so when I found out it was one of the Horror group reads I immediately bought it and have been waiting for December since July to pick it up. This looks like it’ll be a funny holiday style horror that I’ll love.

What Kind of Girl by Alyssa Sheinmel that I got an arc of and I was super excited to read when I first got it. Of course, I got distracted one way or the other and just haven’t picked it up – and have since forgotten the details. It sounds like it’ll be a hard-hitting contemporary and it’s labelled as dealing with mental health so I can see why I was originally excited.

I read A Song of Wraiths and Ruin earlier in the year and I’m super excited to finish this duology off this year. I’m excited to see just how this one wraps up. I had hoped to get to it in November when it came out, but I over estimated my ability to quickly get through big chunky fantasies lol.

Hate You More by Alexis Bice

I absolutely loved Joan He’s other book, Descendant of the Crane, and this is her second book. I was super excited to read this, but was slow at grabbing my own copy and next thing I know it’s the end of the year! I’m really hoping to love this one.

Hate You More by Alexis Bice should have been read months ago! I had promised to read this in August, but my physical reading came to a screeching halt! I’ve started being able to physically read and actually follow along – which means I can actually enjoy the book lol. I really want to prioritize this for early in December.

My only other graphic novel on my list – what was I thinking lol. This one seemed like it would be an interesting manga, plus I’ve never read a nonfiction/autobiographical manga so I’m excited to see if it’s a format I enjoy. The art style looks like it’ll be a little cute-esq for the topic, but I’m curious to see if that’s to help offset the heavier topic.

Not too bad – 12 left for the month of December out of the 20 (if my prediction with one week left is correct 🤞)

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Do you plan on reading any of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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