Book Tour: Blood, Fire & Mercy (Da’Valia Trilogy #2) by Christina Davis| Author Interview

Welcome to my stop on the TBR and Beyond Tours Book Tour for Blood, Fire & Mercy (Da’Valia Trilogy #2) by Christina Davis. I absolutely adored Born at Dawn when it came out last year (November 15th 2020) so I was beyond excited to find out that TBR and Beyond Tours got Blood, Fire & Mercy for a tour – and beyond extatic to be able to interview Christina Davis. Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous covers for this series so far! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the tour schedule for other content creators.

Be sure to check out my review of Born at Dawn. Thank you to Christina Davis for taking the time to answer my questions.

Meet Author

Christina Davis was raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is a California girl at heart. She spent much of her childhood in and out of hospitals and embraced reading as an escape. After being home-schooled through high school, she graduated summa cum laude from San Jose State University and attended NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute before embarking on a decade-long career in journalism. She enjoys chocolate, cosplay, coffee, and board games, but not necessarily in that order. She now lives in beautiful Monterey County with her husband and daughter.  

About The Book

Title: Blood, Fire & Mercy
Series: Da’Valia Trilogy #2
Author: Christina Davis
Publisher: Independent
Publishing Date: November 10th, 2021
Page Length: 367
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: YA

18-year-old thief Neva Roberts has been living on the run since absconding with the Eye, a powerful piece of the greatest weapon ever created. But she’s running from more than just the Da’Voda clan’s cold-hearted ruler. She has exiled herself to a barren land, alone and far from everyone she loves, trying to forget the pain she caused.

When Trinizhi’s squad of assassins catches up with Neva, her life on the run comes to an abrupt end, and the ultimate betrayal is unveiled. Only one person – Astiand – knew where she was hiding. One thing is for certain: he’ll pay when she sees him again.

With the help of Emiliand and a new Djinn friend, Neva will return to her homeland for the job of a lifetime. Burdened by her past and up against impossible odds, will she be able to forgive herself in time to win the race for the Sword of Elon?

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Author Interview

In 9 words or emojis, without spoilers, what can readers expect from Born at Dawn (for those who haven’t read it).  Same for Blood, Fire and Mercy?

Oh, fun! Haha. Well, until they create a Da’Valian emoji, here’s the best I can do…

Born at Dawn:

🕯🥷🏻🕋 👁  ⚔️ ❤️‍🔥 📔🔱🔥

Blood, Fire & Mercy:


Without spoilers, what scene did you have the most fun writing and why?

There were a few that I really enjoyed. Without spoilers, the one where we meet Mari was especially fun because she’s just so creepy. Plus, there’s a cameo of a character that we meet later in the book, but it’s really subtle, so I’m curious if readers will notice.

Did you do any research for Blood, Fire and Mercy?  Were there any interesting facts that you found that you didn’t end up using?

So much research. Haha. The search history on my browser over the past year has included things like “what’s inside a taxidermy animal” and “midevil torture methods.” Other authors will probably read this and nod their heads knowingly, but I don’t tend to look up things like that unless I’m writing, so I’d imagine it could seem odd to non-writer folks.

I digress. Believe it or not… I learned a lot about what people have historically used for toilet paper. <hides behind hands> Let me just say, “Yikes.” And “No, thank you.” I didn’t end up using those facts, but one of the articles I found talked about how pirates did their business, which I did modify for the book.

If you could spend the day with Neva, Emiliand and Astiand, what would you do with each of them?

This question has me cackling. Honestly, I think we’d have a ton of fun, but I would be terribly out of my depth with all of them. With Neva, we’d definitely have to do some knife-throwing. I’m not very good, but she is, so she could give me some pointers. I feel like we’d have to go on an adventure, so maybe we could do a scavenger hunt, too.As for the hilans, unfortunately for them, I’m married. <badda-bum-tss!> For real, though, with Emiliand, I would ask him to paint the stars in fire for me. With Astiand, I’d ask him to tell me war stories. I know he has some good ones.

Born at Dawn got an audiobook release this year.  Were you involved in that process? How was that experience? Can we expect an audiobook for Blood, Fire and Mercy? 

Oh my gosh. I absolutely loved the process of creating an audiobook. I truly think it’s the next best thing to having a movie made of your book.

I didn’t intend to do one at first, but a couple people had asked, and then a voice actress emailed me a sample of her reading Born at Dawn. I’m generally not a fan of unsolicited emails, and I wasn’t in love with her voice, but the idea stuck. I joined a website to start production, held auditions, negotiated terms with the narrator I liked the most (Amelia Hugh), and then we got to work!

First, I sent Amelia the manuscript and character details with how I envision them talking so she could learn each character like she would for a play. I also sent her a voice memo with all the fantasy words. We emailed back and forth a lot about what types of accents to use. Since the Da’Valian language is largely inspired by Spanish, she used her experience living in Spain and Argentina as inspiration.I’m already working with her to get things rolling for an audiobook of Blood, Fire & Mercy. It should be released early in the New Year.

Are you working on the final book in Da’Valia Trilogy or anything else? Are you able to tell us anything about it?

Yes! I’ve written a rough draft of the final book, and now I’m preparing to dive into a structured re-write. I’m super excited about it. Everyone you met in the first book and many characters from the second book will all come together in Infinite Night. Now that Blood, Fire & Mercy is released, I feel like I can really focus on the final instalment. I can’t say much about it without spoilers, but I will say that we get to see Da’Valian war culture, and that there’s action, heartbreak, struggle, and redemption.

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