Odds & Ends: Remember November Tag

I found this post on Book Princess Reviews’ blog and thought it sounded like a fun tag.

The Remember November tag is based on (some) holidays occurring during the month of November.


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Guy Fawkes Night – November 5th

A Plot that was stopped at the last minute.

Blades of Secrets, although it has a sequel coming, was a last minute save. I wont go into details, but majority of this book is running away to then be forced to face everything. It was really good – and had great anxiety rep.

Sadie Hawkins Day – First Saturday

A Female character who takes her fate in her own hands.

From Blood and Ash is think is the definition of a girl taking her fate into her own hands! Poppy not only rebels (quietly) against the restraints of her role, but she also makes those choices on her own – choices that had been taken away from her.

Saxophone Day – November 6th

A Character with an uncommon hobby

Reign of the Fallen was such a good LGBT fantasy! One of the side characters has an uncommon hobby for this world. She just invents – anything and everything – really uncommon for this world and for her role. Great duology – go read it.

*Remembrance Day – November 11th

A book with a war in it

This was added to the original tag – felt it was one that was missing.

I thought about going with a fantasy that had a war, but why when I hardly hear anyone talk about Front Lines by Michael Grant. In this alternative history, we follow women soldiers on the front lines of WWII.

World Kindness Day – November 13th

A villain who is changed by kindness

Although some change can be seen in the first book, The Dreadful Life of Prosper Redding, I found the biggest change in our villain happens in The Last Life of Prince Alastor – really a lot of villain changes based on kindness, but I wont spoil anything.

Use Less Stuff Day – November 18th

A character who gives up something in their life (i.e. a dream, a possession)

I feel like Simi gave up a lot throughout Skin of the Sea – many of which would be spoilers so just go read it so you can see what I mean lol.

Start Your Own Country Day – November 22nd

A book with its own land/world

Wow I could pick so many books here – so many worlds/lands I’ve grown to love over the last year that I could easily place here – but let’s go with one that I haven’t already mentioned above, let’s go with a guilty pleasure!

Yes, I wanted an excuse to show off this cover again! But let’s face it, there’s an entire new world here – plus we learn more about the land as we get further into the series. This smutty scifi isn’t for everyone, but I can 100% say it’s not like any other world I’ve read, no will I look at little blue aliens the same again lol

What do you think? Where there other picks you would have chosen? Comment them below.

Want to join the tag – I officially tag you here then 😉

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