2021 June Wrap Up

Wow I can’t believe June is already done! I swear it feels like the year only just started. Like always, this will include what I’ve read for the second half of the month, plus stats. If you want to see my mid-month wrap up for June, be sure to follow the link.

Let’s take a look at what June looked like.


Total Books Read: 17
Total Books DNF’d: 0
Genres Read Most: Contemporary (5), Horror (4), Fantasy (4), Graphic Novel (3)
Average Page Length: 178/day
Total Pages: 5350
Average Star Rating: 4 ⭐

Star Break Down

5⭐ – 3
4⭐ – 11
3⭐ – 3
2⭐ – 0
1⭐ – 0

Age Category

Adult – 4
New Adult – 0
YA – 12
Middle Grade – 1

Publication Year

New 2021 Releases – 2
Backlist – 5


Library – 3
ARC – 5
Own – 5


Yes – 0
No – 17


Ace – 1
Bi – 3
DemiBoy – 1
Gay – 2
Lesbian – 2
Queer – 6 (multiple reps in 1 book)


Standalone – 15
Series – 2


POC – 8
Gender – 1 (man), 12 (women), 1 (nonbinary) (genderfluid)
Own Voices – 10


Benny Rose, the Cannibal King (Rewind-or-Die #3) by Hailey Piper

This was such a fun, ridiculous slasher! I could easily picture the scenes in my head – to the point where I now want a movie adaption! The characters were flawed, but I was rooting for them the entire time! I loved the legends created in this story – they felt exactly like a realistic legend in a small town. I loved that this one didn’t hold back on the gore! The writing was so detailed and atmospheric! Can I say this is the most amazing book every? No, but it was an enjoyable and well worth the time!

I gave it 4⭐

Goals Met:
✔ Read more Horror
✔ Diverse Reading (Queer Author)

Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender

I was nervous heading into this read since everyone loved it and it’s made so many best of 2020 lists! It didn’t disappoint. It was light, but still heart wrenching. It covers many difficult topics, which were extremely well written! Covering everything from homophobia, transphobia, public outing, catfishing, and I’m sure many others that I’m blanking on at the moment. However, despite the harder topics, I found that Kacen was able to balance it nicely with a sweet love story. I loved experiencing Felix’s self-exploration. I loved that it showed that gender identity and sexuality can be fluid and not static. There are so few books that I’ve found that allow a character to be use one identity but then finds themselves questioning, to then find an identity that fits truer.

I highly recommend this and agree with everyone when they say it’s a must read! I gave this one 4.5⭐.

Goals Met:
✔ Backlist
✔ Diverse Reading (Queer Author & Characters)

Pet by Akwaeke Emezi

This book! This book! OMG I wasn’t expecting such an amazing read in such a small package! It had the exact right amount of whimsy for me. I loved every character, all with unique voices. You could clearly see each character’s personality. I loved that the parents actually existed in this story too. They did not get introduced just to disappear. They didn’t have an active part in the overall story, but they did play a role. I loved this futuristic utopian world. It tackles such huge topics and has a sinister tone to the overall story. I devoured this in one sitting and will now be reading everything that Akwaeke writes!

I gave this one a very high 5⭐

Goals Met:
✔ Physically Owned
✔ Backlist
✔ Owned before 2021
✔ Diverse Reading (BIPOC & Queer Author & Characters)

The Guild Vol 1 by Felicai Day, Jim Rugg, Dan Jackson & Georges Jeanty

I had no expectations for this one. I only picked it up because I needed a quick read to break up some of the heavier reads (plus this was written by a actress, which was a criteria I needed to fit). I never played the MMORPG The Guild, but I’ve heard it’s amazing (the only reason I was semi curious to pick this one up).

The best part of this book was the art style. This was exactly what I would want in a fantasy (or gaming based) graphic novel. Everyone looked realistic, both in game expectations and reality. Everyone had a unique personality; although as a gamer I’m not 100% into the representation and characteristics given to these gamers – but I know these types of characters do exist in gaming. The actual plot though – meh. Nothing much happens – I could summarize it in a sentence, but that would be spoilery.

Overall, it was fine – 3⭐

No goals met here.

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

I’m on a roll for amazing Queer books this month!

Autoboyography was a cute read. It tackles some interesting topics including Mormonism and homophobia. It was interesting to read about queer characters and how difficult it can be living in some religious communities (especially those with more restrictive thinking). I did love the plot following Tanner writing a book in a semester – fun plot idea. If you liked Christina Lauren another work, but want a lighter, more PG romance, then I’d highly recommend it.

I gave it 4⭐

Goals Met:
✔ Backlist

The Wicker King by K Ancrum

So that’s it. Let me know if you want to know anything else. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to include in the end of month wrap up. Also, please recommend some amazing Own Voices books or books written by POC or LGBTIAQ+ authors that I should prioritize this year.

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