Book Tour: A Crown of Echoes by Brindi Quinn + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the TBR and Beyond Tours Book Tour for A Crown of Echoes by Brindi Quinn. I was so excited when we scheduled this tour and couldn’t wait to start. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the tour schedule for other content creators and to enter the giveaway.

Thank you to Brindi Quinn for providing me with a copy for this review

Meet Author

“Not just another vampire romance.” – Amazon Reviewer 

Brindi Quinn is a fantasy/paranormal author from Minnesota specializing in world building and romance. She is an advocate of quirky love and firmly believes that banter makes the heart grow fonder. 

Since 2011, Quinn has written over a dozen young adult novels beginning with her debut epic fantasy series, Heart of Farellah. Her works often blur the lines between paranormal romance, science fiction and fantasy, and her series have been hailed as addictive, unique reads within the YA genre by reviewers across platforms. Her bestselling series, The Pursuit of Zillow Stone, made it to #12 in the science fiction romance category on Amazon.  

Quinn has a bachelor’s in general communication studies and is contracted through Never & Ever Publishing. She considers herself an avid fangirl, indulging heavily in video game lore and good SF TV. 

Be sure to catch her latest epic fantasy series, A Crown of Echoes

About The Book

Title: A Crown of Echoes
Series: A Crown of Echoes #1
Author: Brindi Quinn
Publisher: Indie
Publishing Date: June 11, 2020
Page Length: 250
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Age Range: New Adult
Rating: 4 ⭐
Synopsis: “I’ve wondered what you taste like for so damn long. You taste better than I ever could have imagined… my queen.”
He shouldn’t be calling me that.
Beau was his queen. And I had a problem.
I wasn’t supposed to feel this way. 

Queen Merrin might be the least queenly queen in all the realms. After all, queens don’t typically sneak out at night to drink with their guards. When her best friend and neighboring queen, Beau, goes missing, Merrin won’t leave rescue to the knights. She sets out from the civilized world and into the wilds to retrieve her lost friend, but with ancient hexes, stolen power, and a mountain of giants’ bones, Merrin stumbles into something much greater than a simple rescue mission. Get ready for a swoony whirlwind of dark magic and forbidden romance, as Merrin finds strength in the whispers of the forest and comfort in the arms of a guard with tantalizing abilities. 

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My Thoughts

Merrin is an interesting Queen to follow. Although she is a Queen she doesn’t believe that she shouldn’t do anything that she would ask of someone else – and this is why we end up going on a rescue mission in order to save her best friend and sister queen. It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a road trip book. No that isn’t the main purpose of this story, but it was the backdrop. Despite moving locations, I still felt that Quinn did an amazing job at describing the surroundings and providing a great atmosphere in this fantasy world.

The romance portion of the story was definitely a slow burn/will-they-wont-they one and I really enjoyed it. I had ventured into this thinking it would be more smut, but I found this to be more PG13. Once I realized that I sat back and enjoyed the banter and getting to know the characters more. I absolutely loved the flirtatious banter between Merrin and Windley was perfect and constantly made me smile. I also loved the father figure/ knight/ captain of the guards – the relationship between him and Merrin was so sweet that you couldn’t help feel for him when he knew he had to let Merrin go on this journey.

One part of Quinn’s writng that I had to get use to was when Merrin talked to the reader. I’m not use to this style of breaking the 4th wall within my books, but honestly I did like this element. It added charm and humour, as well as letting the reader get to know Merrin as a character (oh yes and to keep us intrigued with the suggestive hints in these segments).

This was such an interesting world to visit. It was full of magic and elements that I had never read before – although other elements were given different names for our real world objects. I loved that there were stags in this book – and a lovely stubborn one to boot. Really, there is very little I can fault in Quinn’s creativity in her world and character building.

I have never read anything by Quinn, but now that I have I know I will be reading more – in fact I will be picking up the sequel very soon!


One person will win a signed finished copy of A Crown of Echoes. The giveaway starts on January 12th and ends on January 19th. 

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