Summary of 2020

Normally, I would have included a bunch of stats in a post like this, but for some reason my spreadsheet that tracks all of this has managed to go a bit wonky (probably because I kept adding different things throughout the year and maybe didn’t adjust it). So to not have this posted months after the fact, I decided to do more of a “Year in Books” with some other bits and bobs kind of post.

Number of Books and Pages

Now this itself isn’t fully correct either. I finished one more book at the end of the year, so it should read 262. The number of pages also doesn’t include the pages I read for DNFs. It should read 83,312 – I really don’t know why there is such a big difference between the Goodreads number and my own tracking (that part I know isn’t wrong).

Largest & Smallest Books

I’m super impressed that I managed to read such a large book! Normally, anything over 500 pages intimidates me, but I did read a number of books that fit into that category. I managed to read 18 books over 500 pages!

Pages Read vs Number of Books

I decided I wanted to track this type of data in order to attempt to get me away from focusing on the number of books read, and paying more attention to the number of pages. The hope for this was to start picking up those larger books!

Average Book Length Per Month

I also wanted to make sure to track the average number of books per month – mostly because I was curious how it compares to the average over the entire year (what Goodreads provides).

Average Book Length – 298 pages

Lowest vs Highest Rated

Lowest Rated

The book that I rated the lowest last year was:

Raven: Daughter of Darkness was one of my most disappointing books that I read in 2020! I love everything about Raven, but this book was beyond confusing and unnecessary convoluted in order to attempt at making it mysterious! I ended up rating this one 1 star.

Highest Rated

The book I rated the highest in 2020 was:

This book was so impactful and addictive to read that I had to give it the top rating – 5 stars!

I reviewed this one, so be sure to check it out.

That’s it for my 2020 wrap up. Next year the stats should work out better and hopefully don’t decide to miscalculate everything on me.

Overall, I am happy with my reading in 2020. I read WAY more books that I had originally thought I would (my Goodreads goal was 150). I tried to make sure I read more diversely, but I have a long way to go with that one. Be sure to check back for my goals of 2021!

How was your 2020 in reading?

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