Clear Your Shit: A Readathon – Weeks 7 Wrap Up

We’re nearing the end!!

For those who didn’t see my previous three wrap ups, Clear Your Shit is a 2 month long readathon hosted by Andee and El/Art, running from November 1 to December 27. Why? 1) it was cute and clearly designed (check out Twitter Page!!); 2) I NEED TO CLEAR OUT MY SHIT!!! I have way way way way way too many unread books that I own and these prompts just might help me along.


Name: YoungatHeartReader
Fatal Flaw: Reads a new book before reading any of the books already owned
Top Strength: Audiobook Hero, Master of Headphones
Weapon of Choice: a book, which may be magical, or just glittery (see fun and cute) – how could I not pick a book that sparkles?!?!?!

Quest Log

To see what I completed Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5/6 be sure to check out my previous wrap ups.

Wrap Up

I’ve got so few left for the last 2 weeks of the Readathon! I’m so happy with my progress! I wish I was able to fit more in, but some of the books I have read aren’t on my TBR (random picks from the library).

Mini Battle: Most Anticipated Audiobook (Based off of Strength): My Contrary Mary

Oldest Publication: The Thief

Extra: The Bone Crier’s Moon (would have picked for Magical Object – flute)

I’m happy with what I’ve read this week. I didn’t have many prompts left so I’ve started picking up books that I wanted to read that are still backlist. I’m currently working on my last prompt and today they’re announcing the Final Boss Battle – so I’m excited for that!

So we’re into the final few days. How are you doing on your prompts/backlist?

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