Clear Your Shit: A Readathon – Week 3 Wrap Up

Ok I’m a little late at posting my wrap up for the Clear Your Shit: A Readathon.

For those who didn’t see my previous two wrap ups, Clear Your Shit is a 2 month long readathon hosted by Andee and El/Art, running from November 1 to December 27. Why? 1) it was cute and clearly designed (check out Twitter Page!!); 2) I NEED TO CLEAR OUT MY SHIT!!! I have way way way way way too many unread books that I own and these prompts just might help me along.


Name: YoungatHeartReader
Fatal Flaw: Reads a new book before reading any of the books already owned
Top Strength: Audiobook Hero, Master of Headphones
Weapon of Choice: a book, which may be magical, or just glittery (see fun and cute) – how could I not pick a book that sparkles?!?!?!

Quest Log

To see what I completed Week 1 and Week 2, be sure to check out my previous wrap ups.

Wrap Up

Ok so what have I completed this week?

Shortest Book: Be Not Far From Here

With an Animal: The Boy, The Wolf, and the Stars

Most Expensive Book: Spoiler Alert

Mini Boss Battle: A Book Your Purchased This Year: A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

The mini boss battle is based on your fatal flaw. Since I picked “Read a new book before books you own” my prompt was Read a book you purchased this year, preferably the oldest.

I’m happy with the amount I read last week! A lot of these books aren’t small and I’m working on a rather large one for this week. I’ve managed to clear 10 spaces and only have 14 left. I wish I had read more from my TBR instead of picking up more and more from the library. I think my goal for the rest of readathon is to pick solely from my own books (except for some buddy reads, which I will have to grab from the library).

How are you doing so far? How overwhelming is your currently owned TBR? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments below.

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