Clear Your Shit: A Readathon – Week 1 Wrap Up

So I decided I wanted to participate in Clear Your Shit: A Readathon, a 2 month long readathon hosted by Andee and El/Art, running from November 1 to December 27. Why? 1) it was cute and clearly designed (check out Twitter Page!!); 2) I NEED TO CLEAR OUT MY SHIT!!! I have way way way way way too many unread books that I own and these prompts just might help me along.

My plan (keyword: plan) is to update you all on my progress at the end of each week (Sunday) on how I’m doing – if I managed to finish any prompts and what books those were.

So first, my player….

Name: YoungatHeartReader
Fatal Flaw: Reads a new book before reading any of the books already owned
Top Strength: Audiobook Hero, Master of Headphones
Weapon of Choice: a book, which may be magical, or just glittery (see fun and cute) – how could I not pick a book that sparkles?!?!?!

Next, the prompts:


Each week, when I update, I will put the books that I had completed the week before under their prompts (so next week you will see the books I’ve completed this week in their corresponding prompts). My strategy is to save the free choice prompts for emergencies, which means I may not put the book I read that week in until the end so I can see what I can fit into proper prompts (if that makes any sense to anyone besides me lol) but we shall see.

Wrap Up

Ok so what have I completed so far this week?

Book with a Map: Illuminae by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

Character You Want to Fight: Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

So that’s it for this week. Not off to a bad start I don’t think – although I did read 2 library books, so it could have been better. I’m curious what the Mini Battles will be!

Are you participating in Clear Your Shit: A Readathon? Are you now thinking about joining?

3 thoughts on “Clear Your Shit: A Readathon – Week 1 Wrap Up

    1. That’s awesome that you finished ALL the prompts already!!! Yes, the intimidating book will likely be the hardest to complete I think. I can’t wait to see mini bosses and boss prompts!

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