Book Tour: A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe – Review, Mood Board & Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Book Tour for A Golden Fury by Samantah Cohoe. This tour is hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours. It’s been a while since I’ve read an atmospheric historical fiction with fantastical elements and I couldn’t wait to read it once I heard about this tour. Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom to enter the giveaway and see the schedule for the rest of the tour.

Meet Samantha Cohoe

Samantha Cohoe was raised in San Luis Obispo, California, where she enjoyed an idyllic childhood of beach trips, omnivorous reading, and writing stories brimming with adverbs. She attended Thomas Aquinas College, a Great Books college in California, and graduated with a BA in liberal arts. After studying Philosophical Theology at Yale Divinity School, she decided academia wasn’t for her. 

In the midst of marriage, child-bearing, and the identity crisis that followed, she rediscovered her early love of writing and adverbs. In 2011, she moved with her family to Denver, where she currently divides her time between teaching Latin, mothering, writing, reading, and deleting adverbs. 

About A Golden Fury


Title: A Golden Fury
Author: Samantha Cohoe
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Publishing Date: October 13, 2020
Page Length: 352
Genre: Historical, Fantasy
Age Range: YA
CAWPILE: 7.86/10
Synopsis: In her debut novel A Golden Fury, Samantha Cohoe weaves a story of magic and danger, where the streets of Oxford and London come to life, and the curse of the Philosopher’s Stone will haunt you long after the final chapter. 

Thea Hope longs to be an alchemist out of the shadow of her famous mother. The two of them are close to creating the legendary Philosopher’s Stone—whose properties include immortality and can turn any metal into gold—but just when the promise of the Stone’s riches is in their grasp, Thea’s mother destroys the Stone in a sudden fit of violent madness. 

While combing through her mother’s notes, Thea learns that there’s a curse on the Stone that causes anyone who tries to make it to lose their sanity. With the threat of the French Revolution looming, Thea is sent to Oxford for her safety, to live with the father who doesn’t know she exists. 

But in Oxford, there are alchemists after the Stone who don’t believe Thea’s warning about the curse—instead, they’ll stop at nothing to steal Thea’s knowledge of how to create the Stone. But Thea can only run for so long, and soon she will have to choose: create the Stone and sacrifice her sanity, or let the people she loves die. 

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Content Warning: self harm, death, murder, talks of torture, mental health/madness, parental mental abuse

My Thoughts

Thank you to TBR and Beyond Tours and Wednesday Books for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

I am so glad I was able to read this book. I haven’t read many books that deal with alchemy and even fewer taking place in a historical setting (18th century). It was hard to believe this was a debut novel. I found Cohoe’s writing to be engaging and I wasn’t able to put the book down until I was finished.

I found Thea to be a really well written and interesting character. She was smart and witty – definitely different from women of her time period. She wanted to make a name for herself in her profession, alchemy, but was also aware of some of the limitations of being a women in that field. Even when she trailed from this sense, how she acted with her love interest still made sense. She was a self-sacrificing character that would do anything in her power to help those she found kinship with. It was interesting that she trusted so few males in her field, but one character she was more than willing to share information with – despite his lack of trustworthiness.

Cohoe’s other characters were interesting as well. While I was reading the story, everyone’s actions made perfect sense. They all had their reasons for doing what they were doing. However, looking back, the two male “love interests” did some acts where t didn’t line up exactly (although there were moments where I wasn’t even sure if that was their purpose – love or friendship).

This book had a lot of self-sacrificing, both by the main character and others, but there was also a lot of selfishness. It seemed like everyone had selfish reasons for doing something – although the main character didn’t have many, and if she did she didn’t always act on them. The characters felt realistic, but still served a purpose in the end.

The plot was interesting and had constant twists and turns. There were many points where I wasn’t sure where the story was going – or at least how it would get there. Everything did end up wrapping up nicely, and relatively neatly, not fully what I was hoping for – but still not unsatisfying. The weakest point of the book – which still wasn’t truly a weakness – was the logic. There were just points in the story where it felt like Cohoe wanted the book to go to this point, but wasn’t fully 100% sure on how to get there. Sometimes the route to getting to that point didn’t fully make sense to me. But really, that is a minor nitpicky point on my part. While reading it, everything made sense and I wasn’t questioning anything – it wasn’t until writing this review that I realized there were point where things didn’t add up entirely (and honestly, that may be because some time has passed between reading and writing this review).

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this book and will be keeping an eye out for more that Cohoe writes. I loved the alchemy element in the story and the strongly written characters.

Mood Board


One finished copy of A Golden Fury. US only! This giveaway ends on October 20th

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