Are You Reading More Than a 5th Grader Read-a-Thon: Final Update

The Are You Reading More Than a 5th Grader Read-a-Thon officially finished yesterday (May 20th) at 11:59 pm.  I read a decent amount, for me, this week.  I was hoping to get more finished, but honestly I didn’t read as much as I was hoping. There was a threat of a reading slump halfway through the week.  I have learned through this month of Middle Grade reading that there are not many contemporary reads.  I have read a lot of fantasy books and I’m thinking I need a break from it – although I need to finish two more books for this month, but once I finally finish those I think I’m going to read a couple of contemporaries to avoid a true slump.

So what did I read this week?



Title: Unwritten
Author: Tara Gilboy
Pages: 198
Released Date: October 16, 2018
Genre: Fantasy
Age: Middle Grade
Rating: Review to Come (eARC from NetGalley)


Just Princesses
Author: Crystal Velásquez
Pages: 160
Release Date: September 13, 2016
Genre: Fantasy, Humour, Graphic Novel
Age Range: Middle Grade
Rating: 3/5

21996359Title: Flunked
Author: Jen Calonita
Pages: 256 (5h 18m)
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Audiobook
Age Range: Middle Grade
Rating: 3/5

Currently Reading

So this one I didn’t quite finish during the Read-a-thon, but I will continue it and put it towards the TBR and Beyond Back to School Event.


Aru Shah and the End of Time
Author: Roshani Chokski
Pages: 355
Release Date: March 27, 2018
Genre: Fantasy, Mythology
Age Range: Middle Grade
Current Progress: 45% (163 pg)

Overall, I’m happy with the amount I read, especially since I was fighting off a slump.  I was really worried I would have to DNF Aru Shah simply because of a slump, but I’m pushing past it.  I really enjoy the book – if I had to rate it right now I’d give it 4/5 – but because I’ve read so many fantasies in a row it’s causing me to read a lot slower than I normally would.  I also find I’m getting distracted with binge re-watching Gossip Girl.  But just this morning I read for about an hour (didn’t time it just an estimation) I manged to read another 5% (20 pages), which was more than I’ve read during most of the sprints in the later half of the Read-a-thon so I’m thinking I’m getting over my slump (for now).

How did everyone else do during the week?  Did you participate in the Read-a-thon?

Until next time.

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