Are You Reading More Than a 5th Grader Read-a-Thon

Photo created by Mireille Chartier

As you may have read from my previous post, I am participating in the TBR and Beyond Read-a-thon called are You Reading More Than a 5th Grader.  The Read-a-thon runs from May 14 to 20th.  There aren’t any challenge to this one, but it is obviously encouraged to work on the Middle Grade Reading Challenge.  There will be sprints throughout it though.

Obviously, the Read-a-thon started at midnight today (May 14th), but sleep took priority over reading so far.  I don’t have a particular TBR for this one, not that’s different than my monthly TBR.  I’m hoping to get a couple books read this month – maybe complete the books I’m currently reading.

Current read

I will attempt to do updates as often as possible – I will try to wait until I actually make progress – who wants to read about me not reading anything, right?!

Come and join us!  The more the merrier. Are You Reading More Than a 5th Grader.

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