January 2018 Wrap-up

Wow! Was it just me or did January just fly by?  To me it feels like it only just started.  This is my first Monthly Wrap-up, but it may be a little shorter than future ones – this month was super busy with finishing up the Fall Semester exams and marking then the Winter Semester start-up I had barely any time to do much of anything outside of work.  That being said, let’s get started.

What I Read…

Landline by Rainbow Rowel (Review to come) 4/5★

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo 4.5/5★

Average Rating: 4.25/5
Format: 100% Physical
50% Borrowed, 50% Owned
% of TBR Completed: 100% (well I did have a very, very small TBR pile this month)

What I Started Reading…


The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary NoNieqa Ramos


I received this eARC for the purpose of an honest review.  I am hoping to finishing it soon and post a review up here.  I’m about 16% of the way through now and it’s an interesting read so far.

What I Bought…

Well this section is a LOT bigger than I had intended and likely a LOT bigger than it will be in the future – my wallet can’t keep up with this kind of spending habit I somehow caught!

The Books and Pop Funkos…

As you can see these are all the books I bought/received in the month of January.  A lot, I know!  I’m super excited to get to all these though.

I had to buy the new Sailor Moon Pop Funkos.  I already had the original set and then bought these the second I saw them in EB Games!  I’m only missing a couple from this set, but I have yet to see them out in the wild!

The Subscription Boxes…

PageHabit and The YA Chronicles was technically the December boxes, but I didn’t receive them until January 2nd lol.  I was very happy with what came in these boxes – see my Instagram page to see the contents.

OwlCrate and ShelfLove Crate are January’s boxes.  I haven’t unboxed those on Instagram just yet – there seems to have been a large delay in delivery this month (it may have just been Canada Post, but to be safe) so I wanted to wait and not spoil anything for others.

What I’ve Watched…

I watch a mixture of Netflix, YouTube, and TV Streaming.


The Good Place
Zumbo’s Just Desserts


Hell’s Kitchen
Project Runway All-Stars


Hailey in Bookland

What I Listened to…

Well I didn’t listen to much new music this month.  But I did listen to Halestrom while working (I tend to throw on random YouTube shows when working from home).

What I Played…

I had about 10 minutes (well not literally) to play games this month.  I really enjoy playing video games, but I haven’t been placing them in a high priority.

A Hat in Time (PC)
Yoshi Wolly World (WiiU)
Guitar Hero Live (WiiU)
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4)

I’m hoping to put more time aside to have some downside to play some more games – maybe actually finish it – ha.

What I Posted…

Girl Behind the Blog
Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Really Liked but Can’t Remember Much/Anything About
Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Can’t Believe I Read

Well that’s about it for the month.  I only just started this blog and I managed to pick a busier time to start lol.  My goals for next month is to post more, review more, read more, and play more – good thing it’s a shorter month *sigh*

Come back tomorrow to check out my TBR for next month.

‘Til then, have fun and make some time for yourself!

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