Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Really Liked but Can’t Remember Much/Anything About

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This week’s Top Ten Topic is “Books I Really Liked but Can’t Remember Much/Anything About”.  Mind you, I guess I kind of cheated a bit by picking series – but if I can’t remember the last one in the series, can I really remember them all??


1. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

So I had completely forgot I had even read this one.  I’ll see it in a Thrift store or a library and think “well I really should pick that up one day and see if I like it”.  Turns out I already had – I gave it 4/5 Stars!

2. Morning Glories by Nick Spencer, Illustrated by Joe Eisma, Rodin Esquejo

I read this entire series – giving each one 4/5 Stars – you would think I would remember something!  All I can manage to remember is that the series takes place in something like a Prep School for the gifted (or smart or something).  They go to live there and then their families forget them.  Then I remember the story starts to get really weird and I start to get lost.  But I do remember liking the weirdness, so…

3. The Boleyn King by Laura Andersen

Again, I remember loving this series!  I love anything about the Tudor Families – Boleyn being King Henry VIII’s second wife (spoilers she’s beheaded).  But this series is a little different.  It’s a fictional history, one where they ask “what if Anne Boleyn had actually given birth to a baby boy?” This series follows that boy and his small group of friends.  I remember romance and drama – but nothing much else.  I had highly recommended this to someone one Facebook the other day, but when I went to say what happened and why I loved it, I couldn’t.  I had to read my previous reviews about them to even get a hint about them.  Needless to say I plan on re-reading these (hopefully this year).

4. The Hybrid Chronicles Series by Kat Zhang

This entire series is a bit of a blur to me – I believe I binged it one month.  More specifically, I can’t remember ever finishing the 3rd book, but apparently I did (and I liked it the most out of the series?!?).  The series is about children who are born with two souls.  In this world, the second soul (the “weaker” one) eventually just vanishes.  However, some children, that doesn’t happen. Those children end up being taken away.  The main character in this series is one of those children.  She meets up with another two characters who are the same and they end up all getting caught and taken away.  The series then follows them on a journey.  The rest of the memories on this one are a little fuzz, and what I remember may be spoilers (not 100%) so I’ll just leave it at this in case anyone wants to check them out.

5. Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter by Mary E Twomey

Yep, nope nothing on this one… something about the theme park? It’s a short story so you’d think I’d remember more…


6. Ghost Vol 2: The White City Butcher by Kelly Sue DeConnick

So I never read the first one – definitely remember absolutely nothing about this one!  Apparently a good graphic novel though.

7. The Succubus Gift by B R Kingsolver

Well I do remember watching the TV Series Lost Girl which was about a Succubus, but I don’t remember reading this one.  I’ll assume it was when I first started watching the show and I just grabbed a book that sounded like the show.

8. Not Exactly a Love Story by Audrey Coulombus

Well everything I remember from this one is the title.  Clearly this is a story about a boy and a girl (based on the cover) that start out as friends (or acquaintances) and fight over the idea of liking each other.  But then in the end, they end up together, just as they should.

9. Wake by Lisa McMann

Again, another series that I don’t fully remember.  I remember something about a dream world and her having some sort of power.  Outside of that, no clue.

10.  Wanted! by Caroline B Cooney

I haven’t read this since I was a teenage.  I remember liking it, but not much more. She’s a teenage that has information? that someone is after.  She then runs from this person (or people).  I truly don’t remember anything more – but it was one of the few books I actually read as a kid/teenager.

So that’s my list of ten – although looking over my Goodreads’ read list, I’m sure there are many more – I stuck to the top rated books.  I can’t even imagine how many more I don’t have much/any memory for with lower ratings.

Have you read any of these and actually remember them? What is a book that you remember really enjoying, but can’t remember what happens in it?  Let me know.

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