Girl Behind the Blog

Since this is my first official post, I thought I would do a quick little Behind the Blog Questionnaire.  I hope it helps give you a little insight of who I am.

Image result for femaleTHE OUTSIDE

  • Name: Heather
  • Eye color: Hazel (although lately they favour grey)
  • Hair style/color: depends on the day – right now wine coloured
  • Height: 5′ 3″
  • Clothing style: Comfy
  • Best physical feature: ?? Butt I guess lol

Related image THE INSIDE

  • Your fears: Heights and falling (good pairing right?!)
  • Your guilty pleasure: horrible B Horror Movies
  • Ambitions for the future: Completing my M.Ed and getting a Full-time teaching job!

Image result for Thought bubbleTHOUGHTS

  • Your first thoughts waking up: “Ugh it’s morning already!?!”
  • What you think about most: When I get to read for fun next.
  • What you think about before bed: depending on the day… lately it’s “am I ready for tomorrow’s class?”

Image result for which one WHAT’S BETTER? 

  • Single or group dates: Single – I’m an introvert, so I like smaller groups
  • To be loved or respected: Loved – I’m assuming anyone that loves me respects me
  • Beauty or brains: Brains – they’re with you forever!
  • Dogs or cats: Cats – I love all animals, but I have to cat fur babies so I’m bias lol

Related image DO YOU.

  • Lie: well sometimes right… 
  • Believe in yourself:  again, sometimes
  • Believe in love: always!
  • Want someone: My husband… does that still count?

Related imageEVER?

  • Been on stage:  back in elementary school when they force children with stage fright to sing Christmas Carols lol
  • Done drugs: well technically, I really enjoy caffeine (which they claim is a drug) and I use to drink – so there’s that.
  • Changed who you were to fit in: hello, high school!

Related image FAVOURITES

  • Favourite color:  red 
  • Favourite animal: I’ve always loved White Tigers!
  • Favourite movie: I love so many movies, but I love Scream and I love Breakfast Club
  • Favourite show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, MasterChef, Sailor Moon
  • Favourite book: hmm…. I have too many that I love, but I guess The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

Related image AGE

  • Day your next birthday will be: Ugh turns out Monday
  • How old will you be: 33
  • Does age matter:  nope 🙂

Well that’s me, based on the questions anyway.  I would love to hear feedback, or feel free to ask me any questions that you’re curious about.

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